2. (2) Ravi Karkara

Sr. #Strategic #Adviser #Partnership to Assistant Secretary-Gen/Deputy ED @UN_Women

3. (4) Kent Page

UNICEF Strategic Communication Advisor, Emergencies. Working in New York with #UNICEF for children, with humanitarians & media. Views are mine.


@UN Resident Coordinator in Kenya. I strive to uphold the rights, equality & dignity of all..

8. (9) Toily Kurbanov

@UNVolunteers Deputy Executive Coordinator. Interested in #peace #development #humanrights #volunteerism #multilateralism #SDGs

9. (7) Phumzile Mlambo

Executive Director of @UN_Women/ @ONUFemmes/ @ONUMujeres. A champion for women & girls worldwide.

10. (17) Ludo Bok

Team Leader @UNDP working on #HIV, #health and sustainable development

11. (11) Graziano Da Silva

#UNFAO Director-General. Committed to working in partnership to reach a #ZeroHunger and sustainable world.

12. (15) Caroline Bach

Spokesperson & Communication Officer at UNHCR Northern Europe. Human Rights advocate & strong believer in #commisaid, participation and good design. Views mine.

13. (25) Arancha Gonzalez

Executive Director, International Trade Centre (@ITCnews). United Nations & WTO. Passionate abt #Aid4Trade, SMEs, women economic empowerment & development

14. (21) Gary Lewis

I'm the UN Resident Coordinator in Iran. We must protect our fragile, endangered planet. RT = what's interesting, don't necessarily agree. Fav = read later.

15. (38) Massimo Diana

With @UNFPA, supporting women & youth empowerment. Interested in peacebuilding & local development

16. (14) Chris Reardon

Chief of Content Production for #UNHCR, the UN @Refugees Agency. Hooked on #humanrights, #journalism and #TeamRefugees

17. (12) Joe English

Covering humanitarian #emergencies in the @UNICEF Press Office | #Iraq #SouthSudan #Somalia #Syria #Yemen #DRC #CAR #Nigeria + more | Views offered are my own

18. (13) Babatunde Osotimehin

Executive Director @UNFPA and a global leader of public health, women’s empowerment and young people. Advocating for universal access to reproductive health.

19. (56) Adam Rogers

@UNEP, @UNDP, @UNCDF, @UNOSSC: 21 years service @UN in 100+ countries; dedicated to the #SDGs; Tweeting my own views: RTs &following ≠ endorsements.

20. (27) Lenni Montiel

At @UNDP Deputy Regional Director Latin America & Caribbean @PNUDLAC Life enthusiast. Proudly former @UNDESA. Eastern Europe & CIS practitioner.RT≠ endorsement

21. (18) Iyad Abumoghli ♏️

Regional Representative and Director UN Environment - West Asia @UNEP_AR @UNEP #Sustainability #Peace #Innovation #Knowledge #Philanthropy #GreenEconomy

22. (26) Kent Buse

Policy Analyst, Strategist, Writer & Social Justice Advocate. Chief, Strategic Policy Directions, UNAIDS—all views personal

25. (29) Mark Cutts

Head, UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Myanmar. Humanitarian action, human rights, protection of civilians, statelessness, peace/security

26. (19) Carlotta Sami

Unhcr spokeswoman in Southern Europe, a humanitarian grew in emergencies, a wonderful daughter and a great husband. Living now in Rome, before was Jerusalem and Paris.

27. (22) Roxanna Samii

Development worker, KM practitioner, social media strategist, interested in potential of mobile telephony + how web2.0 tools can help eradicate poverty, F1 fan

29. (34) M. Martínez-Solimán

I am Assistant Secretary General of the UN and Assistant Administrator of UNDP - Director Bureau for Policy & Programme Support at the UN Development Programme

30. (23) Frode Mauring

RC UN and UNDP Representative, UAE, Qatar and Oman. Executive since 2002 for @UNDP and @UN after 20 years in int'l private sector. Views are my own.

31. (24) Guy Ryder

Director-General of the International Labour Organization - @ILO. Tweets by the Director-General signed ^GR.

32. (20) David Nabarro

Sustainable Development Professional with a passion for health

33. (32) UN Youth Envoy

Serving as the 10th Secretary-General & CEO of @WorldScouting, the world's largest youth educational movement.

34. (30) Robert Piper

UN Assistant Secretary General. Development & Humanitarian Coordinator 4 #Palestine & DepSC/MEPP @UNSCO_MEPP. Formerly working in Sahel, Nepal, Kosovo & beyond.

35. (33) Joseph D'Cruz

Traveling the region for @UNDPAsiaPac, working on #poverty, #environment, #cities, and people. Mostly people. Tweets are my own.

36. (50) Aida Opoku-Mensah

UN Director & Special Advisor on SDGs/Agenda 2030. Development practitioner, passion for African STI! Retweets not endorsements!

37. (31) Douglas Webb

PhD. Health and Innovative Financing @UNDP in New York. Addressing the social dimensions of HIV, NCDs, health emergencies #globalhealth. Views my own.

39. (66) Juan E. Chebly

Lead Adviser @UNEP | Founder @voipebox |#sustdev #Expert |@worldwewant2015 #WEF @Globalshaper

40. (28) Gisella Lomax

Social Media Manager at UN @Refugees - #UNHCR - by way of @UNGeneva & @UN. Mancunian. Mum. Optimist

41. (58) Roberto Valent

Special Representative of the Administrator - Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People, United Nations Development Programme

42. (36) Vladi Dominguez

@UNDP Latin America and the Caribbean. From El Salvador. Tweeting about: Sustainable Human Development | Human Rights | LGBTI Equal Rights | Amateur Astronomer.

43. (37) Pierre In Myanmar

Public Information Officer in Myanmar for @UNOCHA based in Yangon. Views expressed are my own.

44. (35) Gauri Salokhe

Corporate Social Media Manager @ #UNFAO. Passionate about technology, food security, environment, green issues, Italy, etc. Thoughts are my own!

45. (57) Marc Lepage

Je partage, donc j'existe. Sharing is caring. @UNDP #Innovation advisor #Africa.Public Service innovation. Those are my opinions..etc.. #inno4dev

46. (76) Jschunter

Innovation & Knowledge Specialist at @UNDP interested in #inno4dev, #KM, #development cooperation, organizational change, #ICT4D and #socialchange

47. (43) Toby Lanzer

Assistant Secretary-General @UN in #Afghanistan. Worked in #HQ, #Georgia, #Russia, #Sahel, #Sudan & #TimorLeste. Proud dad, biker & @SpursOfficial fan. #He4She

48. (44) Guy Berger

Director for Freedom of Expression and Media Development at UNESCO, tweets in personal capacity; retweets aren't endorsement

49. (40) Corinne Gray

MIT Sloan Fellow, Innovation & Global Leadership. Impact Investing Geek. Humanitarian Finance disruptor. Let's talk about better ways to fund social impact.

50. (88) Robert Marten

Part-time LSHTM PhD: #globalhealthpolicy, global governance, power,#post2015. Interested in #healthsystems, #UHC. Former @RockefellerFdn, @WHOSierraLeone

51. (52) Jo Scheuer

Director #ClimateChange & #Disaster Risk Reduction @UNDP. Tweets about work, Nepal, Cambodia, Luxembourg, Photography, Mountains &, yes, @arsenal...

52. (79) MarDieye

Head of @UNDP Africa, working to support a region on the move. Tweets are own views.

53. (67) Rebecca Carman

Climate change advisor @ UNDP. Australian mum of two. Pop culture enthusiast.

54. (49) Paul Conneally

Comms Lead @ITU the #UN agency for #ICT; passionate about #Mojo #Tech4Good #EQUALSinTech #GenderEquity #TEDx #ConnachtClan #LUFC ~ tweets mine alone

55. (39) Peter Thomson

President of UN General Assembly dedicated to driving the Sustainable Development Goals: a universal push to transform our world.

56. (97) Haoliang Xu

I am UN ASG & @UNDP Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific and am passionate about human #development.

57. (85) Kerry Constabile

Working on #sustainability @UN #Agenda2030 @Local2030. Committed to #family #community #cleanenergy #environmentalprotection #photography #Local2030 #UNPF #UNSG

58. (90) Mauricio Aguayo

Born in Quito / Bred in Queens. Digital strategy @UNICEF. I also tweet photos from my Instagram. NYU / Columbia alum.

59. (71) Nicholas Rosellini

UN Resident Coordinator in #China #UN #sustainabledevelopment #globaldev #Asia #Pacific Tweets are my own. RT≠endorsement

60. (80) Benjamin Kumpf

Temporarily retired social activist. Working for @UNDP on innovation. I tweet about social change & good ideas. Tweets are mine.

61. (53) Kristen Elsby

@UNICEF Regional Chief of Communication for Europe & Central Asia, photographer, traveller. Worked in Europe, Asia, Middle East & Oceania. Once from NZ.

62. (47) Hanno Ranck

Online communications @UN Populations Fund, @unfpa. Formerly worked in the @EU (@EEAS and @EUISS)

63. (69) Yury Fedotov

Executive Director of @UNODC & Director-General of the UN Office in Vienna (UNOV). Committed to tackling illicit #drugs & #OrganizedCrime. RTs not endorsements.

64. (63) Kathryn Mahoney

Aid worker • Adrenaline junkie • Passionate refugee rights warrior now doing social for #UNHCR - @refugees • Let's have a coffee ☕️ • IG: /nineteenfiftyone

65. (41) Christopher Fabian

UNICEF ventures lead. co-founded our innovation unit. advise on open-source overlaps of tech, design, development, start-ups, and academia. our team is awesome

66. (42) Dave Cole

Social media communicator & storyteller @UNEP, food lover, traveler & photographer. #Africa enthusiast. Passionate conservationist

67. (61) Mark Polane

A peacekeeper since 1992. Working4peace all over the world.

68. (55) Bishow Parajuli

I'm @UN Resident Coordinator & @UNDP Res.Rep in Zim; leading UN devt/humant prog;passionate in #devt #humanit & #humanrights issues; all tweets personal views.

70. (new) Marita Perceval

Directora Regional de @UNICEF para América Latina y el Caribe, y activista de los #DDHH / UNICEF Regional Director for @uniceflac and #HHRR activist.

71. (54) Davide Piga

Nurturing innovative thinking and promoting the #DataRevolution at @UNFPA

72. (99) Raffaella Vicentini

Italian humanitarian in Beirut. Moved to Lebanon after over a decade in East Africa

73. (77) Kaveh Zahedi

Deputy Executive Secretary, Sustainable Development @UNESCAP

74. (75) Jan Kellett

Special Advisor, leading External Engagement, Climate/Disaster/Energy, United Nations. Ireland Rugby, Edmonton Oilers, Liverpool FC, amongst other. Viewsmyown!

76. (74) Philippe Lazzarini

Deputy Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Humanitarian and Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative

77. (95) Korie Habib

In UNFPA Nigeria Delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is fulfilled, is our FOCUS

78. (64) Michael Riggs

Part of #UNFAO capacity development team. Supporting responsible investment: #CFSRAI. Alumnus of @UNAPCICT & @e_Agriculture. My tweets=my views. RT≠endorsement.

79. (190) Jonas Haertle

Head @PRMESecretariat & Community Organizer - Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) @globalcompact @UN. #SDGs

80. (72) Paloma Escudero

@UNICEF Global Director of Communication. Passionate about giving #everychild a fair chance in life and defending #childrensrights. Mum of 3 amazing boys

81. (114) Monica Beg

Dr Monica Beg. Chief, #HIV Section @UNODC. #HepC #TB #HarmReduction #PrisonHealth #HumanRights #PublicHealth #Gender #ClimateChange. View prsn. RT≠endorsement

82. (60) Sybella Wilkes

Senior Communications Officer with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Tweets do not necessarily reflect UNHCR's views. Retweets not endorsements but interest.

83. (65) Laura Padoan

Doing media and public affairs for UN Refugee Agency in London.

84. (78) Juliette Touma

UNICEF Regional Chief of Communications in the Middle East & North Africa- مديرة الاعلام في اليونيسف منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال افريقيا

87. (73) Alvaro Rodriguez

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Tanzania.

89. (119) D G

social engineer - cognitive neuropsychologist - d.i.d. + cyber disinhibition (f44.9) research therapist #ForbiddenResearch @un_sif #impinv @undp

90. (82) Carl Mercer

Communications Specialist with @UNDP's Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction Team

91. (91) Matthias Schmale

UNRWA Director NY fighting for dignity & human rights of all refugees. ex @UNRWA Syria, Lebanon, @Federation, Save the Children @BritishRedCross Tweets my own

93. (new) Nelson Muffuh

Leading strategy & advocacy for #SDGs / #GlobalGoals; #Climateaction; & #DemographicDividend (empowering young people & women)

94. (162) Beate Trankmann

I am the @UNMongolia Coordinator & @UNDPMongolia Representative. Follow me 2 stay updated on development trends in Mongolia.

97. (new) Mehmet MehmeterdoganIV

Storyteller. Digital comms for @UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe & Central Asia @UNDPEurasia. I tweet about human rights, #GlobalDev, #socialmedia... & Netflix.

98. (145) Millie Begovic R.

Working for @UNDP. Undeterred by things like 'reality.' Pushing limits to change lives

99. (100) Brian Gray

Former Army officer & current WFP Emergency Coordinator in Afghanistan. UN Social 500 Top Influencer and aspiring #DigitalJedi. Tweeting in a personal capacity.

100. (101) Jessica Faieta

UN Assistant Secretary-General & @PNUDLAC Director. Passionate about #development in our region. Tweets in En, Sp, Fr & Port

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