1. (1) António Guterres

Official Twitter account of Secretary-General of the @UN António Guterres.

2. (2) Erik Solheim

Head of UN Environment. Let's join hands for planet & people. Together we can change the world! Follow @UNEnvironment to join the environmental conversation.

3. (3) Adam Rogers

Dedicated to the #SDGs; 22 years service @UN; Now @UNDP Development Impact Group. Tweeting my own views: RTs &following ≠ endorsements.

4. (29) Gisella Lomax

Social Media Manager at UN @Refugees - #UNHCR - by way of @UNGeneva & @UN. Mancunian. Mum. Optimist

6. (7) Phumzile Mlambo

Executive Director of @UN_Women/ @ONUFemmes/ @ONUMujeres. A champion for women & girls worldwide.

8. (8) Filippo Grandi

The official Twitter account of UN High Commissioner for @Refugees, Filippo Grandi.


@UN Resident Coordinator in Kenya. I strive to uphold the rights, equality & dignity of all..

11. (9) Kent Page

UNICEF Strategic Communication Advisor, Emergencies. Working in New York with #UNICEF for children, with humanitarians & media. Views are mine.

13. (11) Toily Kurbanov

@UNVolunteers Deputy Executive Coordinator. Interested in #peace #development #humanrights #volunteerism #multilateralism #SDGs

14. (15) Pierre In Myanmar

Public Information Officer in Myanmar for @UNOCHA based in Yangon. Views expressed are my own.

15. (21) Massimo Diana

With @UNFPA, supporting women & youth empowerment. Interested in peacebuilding & local development

16. (14) Graziano Da Silva

#UNFAO Director-General. Committed to working in partnership to reach a #ZeroHunger and sustainable world.

17. (18) Michel Sidibé

@UNAIDS Executive Director; H6 Chair; International Gender Champion

19. (17) Carl Mercer

Policy Specialist working with @UN Development Programme (@UNDP), focused on #ClimateAction & #Disaster resilience. Newfoundlander/Canadian/Brooklynite @cdpoli @nlpoli

20. (27) Kent Buse

Policy analyst, strategist, writer & social justice advocate. Chief, Strategic Policy Directions, UNAIDS. Co-founder Global Health 50/50. All views personal.

21. (26) Gustavo Gonzalez

Passionate about resilience-building in development cooperation. Leading #UNFAO talented team on Business Development & Resource Mobilization. Opinions, my own.

22. (13) Joe English

Covering humanitarian crises in the @UNICEF Press Office | #Syria #SouthSudan #Somalia #Rohingya #Yemen #DRC #CAR #Nigeria + more | Views offered are my own

23. (41) Alexey Kulikov

External Relations Officer in WHO, UN Task Force on NCDs prevention & control. Support countries achieve #NCDs and health-related SDGs. All tweets are my own.

24. (19) Jo Scheuer

Director @UNDP for #Climatechange & #DRR. Tweets about our work, Nepal, Cambodia, Luxembourg, Photography... &, yes, @arsenal

25. (25) Iyad Abumoghli

Principal Policy Adviser ex-Regional Director @UNEnvironment #Sustainability #Peace #Innovation #Knowledge #Philanthropy #GreenEconomy #Faith4Earth #FCFinance

26. (22) Caroline Bach

Spokesperson & Communication Officer at UNHCR Northern Europe. Human Rights advocate & strong believer in #commisaid, participation and good design. Views mine.

27. (56) Chris Reardon

Chief of Content for #UNHCR, the @UN @Refugees Agency. Lapsed fencer

28. (38) Roxanna Samii

Development worker, KM practitioner, social media strategist, interested in potential of mobile telephony + how web2.0 tools can help eradicate poverty, F1 fan

29. (44) Ludo Bok

Team Leader @UNDP working on #HIV, #health and sustainable development

30. (35) Paul Newnham

Coordinator @sdg2advocacyhub. Adventurer. Provocateur. Misfit. Driven to end global poverty through #zerohunger Parked @wfp working on #SDGs #chefsmanifesto

31. (32) Roberto Valent

Special Representative of the Administrator - Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People, United Nations Development Programme - Palestine

32. (37) Mukhisa Kituyi

Secretary-General of UNCTAD. Promoting development-friendly integration of developing countries into the world economy.

33. (34) Douglas Webb

Team leader, Health and Development @UNDP. Addressing the socio-economic dimensions of HIV, NCDs, health emergencies #globalhealth. PhD and dad. Views my own.

34. (24) Arancha Gonzalez

Executive Director, International Trade Centre (@ITCnews). United Nations & WTO. Passionate #Aid4Trade, SMEs, women economic empowerment & development, my views

35. (33) Martin Ras

Work @UN Development Programme (@UNDP) on Climate Change, Disaster Risk, #ClimateSecurity. Also Sharing info. on #Energy and #crisis & #Luxembourg Views my own.

36. (28) Richard Munang

Africa Environmental Hero Laureate, @UNEP Programme Innovation Award Winner, #ClimateChange & Development Expert. Opinions are my own and not my organization's

38. (31) Gary Lewis

Director (a.i.) of Policy/Programmes at UN Environment. Sunrise pic over Iran tells me Planet Earth will continue to live. It is we who must adjust to survive.

39. (20) Frode Mauring

RC UN and UNDP Representative, UAE, Qatar and Oman. Executive since 2002 for @UNDP and @UN after 20 years in int'l private sector. Views are my own.

40. (39) Toby Lanzer

My name's Toby & I work for the UN. Now in #Afghanistan, previously in #Georgia, #Russia, #Sudans, #TimorLeste, #Sahel & #HQ. Dad, biker & @SpursOfficial fan.

41. (23) Lorey Campese

Fluent in GIFs. Translating @UN into 140 character bits since 2012. Head of Digital @UKUN_NewYork.

42. (65) Alvaro Rodriguez

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Tanzania. Views are my own. Retweets do not constitute endorsements.

43. (30) Joao Scarpelini

#UnitedNations #Youth Advisor in #Somalia. Working to empower individuals to make a difference! #YouthPolicy #Youth4Peace #CVE #SDGs #UN

44. (52) Bishow Parajuli

I'm @UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP ResRep in Zim;leading UN devt/humant.prog;passionate in #devt #humanit #humanrights issues;all tweets personal views.

45. (50) Yury Fedotov

Executive Director of @UNODC & Director-General of the UN Office in Vienna (UNOV). Committed to tackling illicit #drugs & #OrganizedCrime. RTs not endorsements.

46. (43) Laura Padoan

Doing media and public affairs for UN Refugee Agency in London.

47. (46) Kathryn Mahoney

Passionate refugee rights warrior • Senior Comms/Spox for #UNHCR @Refugees in NYC • Let's have a coffee ☕️ • IG: /nineteenfiftyone

48. (67) Juan E. Chebly

Lead Adviser @UNEP | Founder @voipebox |#sustdev #Expert |@worldwewant2015 #WEF @Globalshaper

50. (57) Aida Opoku-Mensah

UN Director & Special Advisor on SDGs/Agenda 2030. Development practitioner, passion for African STI! Retweets not endorsements!

51. (45) Knut Ostby

United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator ai in #Myanmar. Formerly Resident Coordinator in East Timor, Fiji and 9 countries in the Pacific, and Iran.

52. (77) Rebecca Carman

Climate change advisor @ UNDP. Australian mum of two. Pop culture enthusiast.

53. (42) Panos Moumtzis

UN Assistant Secretary General, Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria crisis. Guided by IHL principles. Tweets are my own.

54. (40) Lassina Zerbo

Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization @ctbto_alerts

55. (89) MarDieye

UN Assistant Secretary General and Director of @UNDP's Bureau for Policy and Programme Support. Tweets are own views.

57. (70) Haoliang Xu

I am UN ASG & @UNDP Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific and am passionate about human #development.

58. (58) Lenni Montiel

@UNDP Deputy Regional Director Latin America & Caribbean. Life enthusiast. Proudly former @UNDESA. RT≠ endorsement

59. (60) Peter Thomson

UNSG's Special Envoy for the Ocean - dedicated to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14.

60. (73) Marc Lepage

Je partage, donc j'existe Sharing is caring @UNDP #Innovation advisor Those are my opinions..etc.. #inno4dev no women, no panel

61. (63) Laurence Thurion

Head of Cabinet of the UN Special Advisor on Innovative Financing for Development. Opinions are my own. Politics | Global Health | Innovation | Blockchain

62. (69) Benjamin Kumpf

Temporarily retired social activist. Working for @UNDP on innovation. I tweet about social change & good ideas. Tweets are mine.

63. (59) Guy Berger

Director for Freedom of Expression and Media Development at UNESCO, tweets in personal capacity; retweets aren't endorsement

64. (54) Guy Ryder

Director-General of the International Labour Organization - @ILO. Tweets by the Director-General signed ^GR.

65. (64) Jschunter

Innovation & Knowledge Specialist at @UNDP interested in #inno4dev, #KM, #development cooperation, organizational change, #ICT4D and #socialchange

66. (48) Mark Manly

Representante de @ACNURamericas en México | @Refugees - UNHCR Representative in Mexico

67. (645) Åsa Regnér

Åsa Regnér, tidigare barn-, äldre- och jämställdhetsminister.

68. (96) Joseph D'Cruz

Doing Strategy and Planning for @ASteiner in the UNDP Executive Office of the Administrator

69. (68) David Nabarro

Facilitator of Sustainable Development through @4SD_info

70. (61) Nicholas Rosellini

UN Resident Coordinator in #China #UN #sustainabledevelopment #globaldev #Asia #Pacific Tweets are my own. RT≠endorsement

71. (47) Carlotta Sami

Unhcr spokeswoman in Southern Europe, a humanitarian grew in emergencies, a wonderful daughter and a great husband. Living now in Rome, before was Jerusalem and Paris.

72. (55) Juliette Touma

UNICEF Regional Chief of Communications in the Middle East & North Africa- مديرة الاعلام في اليونيسف منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال افريقيا

73. (62) Matthias Schmale

Gaza Director @UNRWA fighting for dignity & human rights of all refugees. Ex @Federation @Save_Children @BritishRedCross Tweets my own; retweets not endorsement

74. (95) Saeed ZAKI

Ambassador, #Youth Representative, #IOC #Olympic, Secretary General @IYFWorld passionate about #Innovation #Development Comms @UNDP #Sudan Tweets=mine

75. (71) Heli Nykänen

Dreamer, nomad, UNV Programme Coordinator at United Nations. Surfer on terra firma. Loves waves, memes, and Wittgensteinian philosophy. Peace. All views my own.

76. (80) Philippe Lazzarini

Deputy Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Humanitarian and Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative

78. (66) Jan Kellett

Special Advisor, leading External Engagement, Climate/Disaster/Energy, United Nations. Ireland Rugby, Edmonton Oilers, Liverpool FC, amongst other. Viewsmyown!

79. (53) Céline Schmitt

Spokesperson for @Refugees based in Paris. Previously in DRC & Central Africa. @UNHCRInnovation Fellow. For more info: follow @UNHCRfrance + @RefugeeFoodFest

81. (92) Mark Polane

A peacekeeper since 1992. Working4peace all over the world.

82. (106) Aida Sánchez Ramos

Me gusta la comunicación, la justicia y las TIC, pero lo que más me gusta son los besos

83. (84) M. Martínez-Solimán

I am a Barrister-at-Law, a Development Professional, a former UN Assistant Secretary General in UNDP and a Democratic Governance Expert.

84. (121) Korie Habib

In UNFPA Nigeria Delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is fulfilled, is our FOCUS

85. (83) Riad MEDDEB

Development worker, SIDS, SDG, Economic Recovery, investment, trade, migration, biodiversity with @UNDP ; tea passionate . views are my own

86. (82) Christopher Fabian

UNICEF ventures lead. co-founded our innovation unit. advise on open-source overlaps of tech, design, development, start-ups, and academia. our team is awesome

87. (75) Kaveh Zahedi

Deputy Executive Secretary, Sustainable Development @UNESCAP

88. (76) Paolo Bernasconi

Head HR at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to contribute to a world free of chemical weapons

89. (155) Erica Kochi

co-leads (and co-founded) UNICEF Innovation, TIME100 most influential, mobiles in emerging markets, epicurean, extreme sports enthusiast

90. (90) Millie Begovic R.

Working for @UNDP. Undeterred by things like 'reality.' Pushing limits to change lives

91. (79) Edmund Settle

@UNDP Regional Policy Advisor, #HIV, #HumanRights, #SOGIE #LGBTI @UCSDalumni @middalumni Views, comments and retweets are my own.

92. (72) Cassie Flynn

Climate Change Advisor @UNDP. Founder of Climate Winners and Co-Founder of ioby.

93. (112) Atefeh Riazi

Assistant Secretary-General, Chief Information Technology Officer

94. (74) Kristen Elsby

@UNICEF Senior Communication Advisor, photographer, traveller. Worked in Europe, Asia, Middle East & Oceania. Once from NZ.

95. (116) Corinne Woods

The official account of the Director of Communications at the World Food Programme & resident of the beautiful Roma

96. (218) Jessica Faieta

Representante Especial Adjunta del Secretario General de la ONU y Jefa Adjunta de la @MisionONUCol. Directora Regional del @PNUDLAC 2014-2018.

97. (99) Olivier Adam

Executive Coordinator, United Nations Volunteers. @UNVolunteers

98. (258) Raffaella Vicentini

Italian humanitarian in Beirut. Moved to Lebanon after over a decade in East Africa

99. (94) Maggie Carroll

Former #Oxfam #UKAid now @UNVolunteers, a programme of @UNDP. Working on the State of the World's Volunteerism Report #SWVR2018 #FBPE #NHS

100. (111) Mehmet MehmeterdoganIV

Managing digital comms for @UNDP @UNDPEurasia. Passionate about telling stories for social change.

101. (93) Craig Atkinson

Director @LexmercaTrade, Consultant @ITCnews (@UN/@WTO) & Visiting Fellow @WTIunibe.

103. (133) Christoph Hamelmann

Driving change for Health and Sustainable Human Development; heading the European Office for Investment for Health and Development @WHO; views are my own

104. (85) Noura Hamladji

Deputy Director for the United Nations Development Programme covering 45 countries in Africa, @UNDPAfrica Tweets are my own. RTs/Links ≠ endorsement.

105. (120) Tina Ghelli

UNHCR Senior Officer based in Southern Africa - Will tweet about refugee and statelessness issues. Tweeting for @UNHCRROSA #WithRefugees Opinions mine.

106. (102) Kerry Constabile

Working on #sustainability and #urbanization @UN. Committed to the #UN, my #family, #community, #parisagreement, #cleanenergy, #photography. Tweets my own.

108. (105) Robert Piper

UN official. Incorrigible idealist. Working on development, humanitarian aid & the world in-between. Dreaming about prevention. #Palestine #Sahel #Nepal #Kosovo

109. (88) Nicholas Ledner

Digital Communication Officer with @UNICEF's Social Media Section. Focusing on Digital Marketing & Content Innovation. Get at me with ideas!

111. (110) Alex Court

Nomad. Social + digital media at UN @Refugees Agency UNHCR via @cnni @skynews @business

112. (142) James Edge

communications, development, bicycles, disability, aardvarks, travel, chocolate, bees, nuns, psychology, food #UN #IFAD Tweets my own

113. (78) Marita Perceval

Directora Regional de @UNICEF para América Latina y el Caribe, y activista de los #DDHH / UNICEF Regional Director for @uniceflac and #HHRR activist.

115. (103) Paloma Escudero

@UNICEF Global Director of Communication. Passionate about #children, tirelessly working #foreverychild, and defending #childrensrights. Mum of 3 amazing boys.

116. (172) Geoffrey Prewitt

Deputy Special Representative @undppapp (Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People/UNDP).

117. (113) Matthew Wilson

Barbadian national with 20 years of experience in trade and development. Love of Jazz & travel. Advocate for equality and human rights.

118. (98) Mark Cutts

Head, UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Myanmar. Humanitarian action, human rights, protection of civilians, statelessness, peace/security

119. (101) Nadia Rasheed

Team Leader, Health & Development, @UNDP Asia-Pacific, focusing on #HIV, #NCDs, social determinants of #Health, #HumanRights, #Gender equality, #KeyPopulations

120. (104) Nelson Muffuh

Champion for #SDGs / #GlobalGoals; #Climateaction; & #DemographicDividend (empowering young people & women) | RTs not endorsement

121. (130) Tenu Avafia

Public health, treatment access, human rights and law

122. (119) Coumba Sow

Loves Ardo. Head of #UNFAO team for #Resilience @FAOWestAfrica #Sahel #REOWA - Formerly Attachée @grazianodasilva for a world free of #hunger - Tweets are mine

124. (118) Ian Thorpe

Knowledge manager, international development worker, UN staffer, suburban dad.

125. (107) Mohamed M. M. Fall

Mr. Fall has been serving, since November 2016, as UNICEF Representative in Nigeria.

126. (140) Michael Riggs

Part of #UNFAO capacity development team. Supporting responsible investment: #CFSRAI. Alumnus of @UNAPCICT & @e_Agriculture. My tweets=my views. RT≠endorsement.

127. (137) Monica Beg

Chief, #HIV Section & Global Coordinator @UNODC. HepC TB #HarmReduction PrisonHealth #HumanRights #PublicHealth #Gender ClimateChange. View prsn. RT≠endorsement

128. (124) Dave Cole

Social media communicator & storyteller @UNEnvironment, traveler & photographer. #Africa enthusiast. Passionate conservationist

129. (114) Maher Nasser

A visiting scholar @ColumbiaSIPA on sabbatical leave from the UN tweeting about things I care about #HumanRights #SDGs #Peace @UN #refugees #justice #Palestine

130. (173) Milasoa Chérel-Robson

#Africa Economist, PhD @UNCTAD / #CNUCED @UN #Trade #Investment #Commodities. Au service de l'#Afrique. Usual disclaimers.

131. (135) Fang Liu

Secretary General of @ICAO, the United Nations agency for international civil aviation

133. (136) Marco Segone

As Director of Evaluation at @UNFPA; former UNEG Chair; founder/former Chair @EvalPartners, I stand for good governance to leave no one behind

134. (122) William Spindler

Spokesman for UNHCR, the UN refugee agency. Retweets do not necessarily mean endorsement.

135. (109) Nahla Valji

Senior Gender Advisor, Executive Office of @UN SG. Committed2 justice issues: international, transitional, gender, social. RTs always read not always agreed wth

136. (164) Nora Kushti

#Communications,#Advocacy Specialist at #UNDP and Head of #UN Communications Group in Albania. Passionate about #development, #humanrights.Tweets are my own.

137. (128) Marcos Athias Neto

Development Professional with more than 20 years of experience Director of @UNDP @IICPSD dealing with Foundations and Private Sector. tweets are my own views.

138. (117) Alberto Natta

#Italian wannabe #Arabic speaker proudly working for @UNDP in #MiddleEast. Smiling & social self with a pinch of irony in my pocket!

139. (156) Noella

Global lead on #Youth at the United Nations #Development Programme in #NY @UNDP @UNDP4YOUTH #YOUTHGPS #YOUTH2030 #YOUTH4PEACE. RTs not endorsments.

141. (145) Davide Piga

Nurturing innovative thinking and promoting the #DataRevolution at @UNFPA

142. (154) Roy Trivedy

Int civil servant working as UN RC & UNDP RR in Timor-Leste. Passionate abt Int Development, LUFC, running, current affairs, family & more. RTs not endorsements

143. (125) Stephane Dujarric

International man of no mystery. #UN devotee. @mets fan. #BikeNYC warrior. #Hoya, @georgetownSFS . I try to think before I tweet but that doesn't always work.

145. (123) Vladi Dominguez

@UNDP Latin America and the Caribbean. From El Salvador. Tweeting about: Sustainable Human Development | Human Rights | LGBTI Equal Rights | Amateur Astronomer.

146. (170) Alexandra Eurdolian

Heading social media for @UNOCHA in HQ. Arrived here via @Refugees, @webfoundation, @BKCHarvard. Owner of views + mistakes.

147. (115) Lilli Tnaib

UN Refugee Agency communications, media relations, social media | Tweeting for @UNHCRUSA | Standing #WithRefugees | Mom to 2 boys | Views are my own

148. (127) Jens Laerke

Spokesperson for United Nations humanitarian office @UNOCHA in Geneva. Tweets are my own.

149. (163) Chris Earney

I work for the UN (@Refugees / #UNHCR) & think we can do better for our world. Our team tries to work out how. We often fail. Tweets ≠ endorsement.

150. (131) Emily Davis

Development finance & effectiveness @UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

152. (159) Moises Venancio

Regional Adviser for #Egypt, #Iraq, #Lebanon, #Jordan , #Syria. Bureau for Arab States. #UN, #Recovery/#Peacebuilding, #Stabilization (Portuguese- Alentejano).

153. (149) Kafkas Caprazli

Working at FAO of the UN - for a world free of hunger: #DRR #SDGs. Tweets are personal. I'm trying to think, don't confuse me with facts.

154. (138) Hanno Ranck

Online communications @UN Populations Fund, @unfpa. Formerly worked in the @EU (@EEAS and @EUISS)

156. (126) Anne Poulsen

WFP spokesperson, journalist, media developer & concerned citizen. Tweets mostly about #zerohunger #nutrition #foodsecurity. Tweets my own - RT not endorsement

157. (148) Jennifer Stapper

Communicating for #peace and #development and advocating for #volunteerism worldwide.

158. (174) Jarle Hetland

Media Officer at @ITCnews. Formerly the Economist Group & @FarmersGuardian. Lover of music and films. Views here are sometimes my own.

159. (150) Katerina Kitidi

Communications Officer @UNHCR. Views are my own. RTs are not endorsements

160. (184) Brian Gray

Former Army officer & current WFP Emergency Coordinator in Afghanistan. UN Social 500 Top Influencer and aspiring #DigitalJedi. Tweeting in a personal capacity.

161. (180) John James

UNICEF's Communications Specialist in Sierra Leone, though here focusing tweets on Cote d'Ivoire

162. (158) Jennifer Colville

Innovative development calls for a collision of ideas. Currently managing @UNDP's regional innovation portfolio in Arab States. #inno4dev

163. (189) Mauricio Aguayo

Born in Quito / Bred in Queens. Digital Strategy @UNICEF. I also tweet photos from my Instagram. NYU / Columbia alum.

164. (179) Minu Limbu

Passionate #innovation ninja @UNICEFKenya.Wannabe #data geek.Evil #photography junkie.Incurable movie freak.Unapologetic advocate 4 #children #adolescent #youth

165. (197) Stefanos Fotiou

Director of '#Environment and #Development' Division at @UNESCAP (Opinions expressed here are personal) #sustainability, #politics, #economics #ICT and the #UN

167. (157) Jpronyk

@UNVolunteers Regional Manager Arab States, Europe and CIS #volunteerism for #resilience, peace, security, multilateralism, to deliver on the #2030 Agenda

168. (166) Jonathan Dumont

Emmy Award winning ex- journalist now Head of TV for UNWFP. Views do not reflect my other personalities, employers, nations I belong to or products I use

169. (153) Alejandro Alvarez

Chief, Rule of Law Unit, Executive Office of the @UN Secretary General

170. (228) Eujin BYUN

Public Information for UNHCR South Sudan (the UN refugee agency) Tweet in English, French, Korean, and Japanese. Views mine not UNHCR's

171. (167) Metsi

UNResident Coordinator & UNDP Rep.Burkina Faso. The future is not a destination but a product of our actions. Create future u want. Views own. RT no endorsement

172. (151) Beate Trankmann

I am the @UNMongolia Coordinator & @UNDPMongolia Representative. Follow me 2 stay updated on development trends in Mongolia.

173. (220) Jean-Philippe Chauzy

Chief of Mission, International Organization for Migration in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

174. (242) Nuno Queiros

Representante Adjunto de @PNUDEcuador. #Ecuador #GuineaEcuatorial #Nicaragua. Intentando mejorar el mundo. Opiniones son mías.

175. (239) Yusuke Taishi

UNDP | Climate Change Adaptation Advisor for Asia and the Pacific

176. (161) Louisa Vinton

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Skopje. Heartsick American. #RefugeesWelcome

178. (129) Jonas Haertle

Head @UN @PRMESecretariat & Community Organizer - Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) @globalcompact. #SDGs #GlobalGoals

179. (183) Sybella Wilkes

Senior Communications Officer with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Tweets do not necessarily reflect UNHCR's views. Retweets not endorsements but interest.

180. (146) Lucky Musonda

Head of Communication @UNDPNigeria | Strategic #Communication | #SDGs | #Partnerships | #Innovation | #Entrepreneurship| #KnowledgeManagement| - Personal tweets

181. (190) Serge Kapto

I-gov, E-gov, M-gov, ICTD, little bit of coding, nothing special actually

182. (144) Rajesh Sharma

#disaster #climate #risk #information for risk-informed #development @UNDP #SFDRR #SDGs #lossanddamage #data; tweet about work & anything useful

183. (169) Gail Hurley

Global finance #smallislands #financingdevelopment #ethicalinvestment #SDGs #TIWB. List goes on... love to travel love to smile

184. (205) Varun Jhaveri

Chair, #Youth Council, @UNESCO #GAMAG|| Lead Consultant (IIC, @UChicago) || Frmly w/h @NITIAayog || #TEDster |@UN_Women #IANYD mem | Tweets are Personal Opinion

185. (139) Benjamin Perks

UN human rights diplomat. Senior Fellow @ the Jubilee Centre at University of Birmingham. #THFC. TedX talker. Care leaver. Opinions mine not UNICEF

186. (299) Jamal Benomar

Under Secretary-General, Special Adviser to UN Secretary-General

188. (285) Livia Barton

Digital marketing strategist living in Annapolis, working in DC for @WorldBank, @GPforEducation

189. (175) Agi Veres

Country Director #UNDP, #China. Promoter of sustainable human development.

190. (222) Patrick Gremillet

United Nations Development Programme @UNDP Partnership Advisor - #ClimateChange and #Disaster Risk Reduction. Other interests: #PRINCE2, Human Rights

191. (185) Challiss Mcdonough

WFP spox, ex-journo, back in my hometown after ~17 yrs abroad. Ex-Nairobi, ex-Kabul, ex-Cairo, ex-Jozi. Rhymes with Alice. Opinions mine. RT ≠ endorsement. Etc.

192. (160) Anja.Nitzsche-Bell

Global #health activist working @iaeapact @UN 2 close global #cancer divide. Frmr @UNAIDS #NCDs #womenshealth #CancerCare4All Views/Ts my own. RTs≠endorsement

193. (217) Ivanzver

Head of @UNDPEurasia Partnerships Team, PhD in @warstudies, previously leading @UNDP_SEESAC Views are my own, RT not endorsement #genderequality #saferregion

196. (226) Karolina Mzykcallias

Engaging philanthropy in #SDGs in UNDP and team leader for SDG Philanthropy Platform

197. (203) Sarah Crowe

Spokesperson, Chief Crisis Communications, UNICEF. For me stories matter, aid matters, Tweets my own.

198. (273) Wondy Asnake

Dedicated to @UN #SDGs at service of #People #Planet! From ‘Land of Origins & 13 Months of Sunshine'. Tweets & replies mine. RTs & following ≠ endorsements.

200. (323) Jane Howard

Ex BBC correspondent now working for the UN World Food Programme. Lived and worked in Turkey, Russia, Yugoslavia, Iran and Syria and now Italy.

201. (201) Vincenzo Placco

Education Specialist (Diversity and Inclusion & Children with Disabilities) at @uniceflac || Follow and RT are not endorsements

202. (215) Jonathan Wong

#Science #Tech #Innovation Adviser to @UNESCAP @UN - former Head of Innovation @DFID_UK - @GlobalInnovFund - #amplify @IDEOorg @OpenIDEO

203. (342) Christina Samson

California #expat living la vida #madrileña. UN comms @SDGAction / Founder @Madrid4Refugees / #Activist / Tweets my own

204. (168) Jeff Brez

Telling UN stories in partnership with NGOs and the creative community. Tweets my own.

205. (252) Stanislav Saling

I work as communications advisor and spokesperson at the Office of the @UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Myanmar. Mingalaba!

206. (187) Kristineblokhus

Deputy Representative at @UNFPANepal, formerly @UNDP Opinions mine etc etc. #nepal #srhr #maternalhealth #endchildmarriage #genderequality #globaldev

207. (209) Robert Jenkins

@UNICEFJordan Representative, humanitarian and child rights advocate. All tweets and RT are my own

208. (236) Luciana Mermet

DRR @PNUDRD Dominican Rep, poverty, social protection, citizen security, environment, renewable energy, climate change, gender equality...! Views my own.

209. (202) Keishamaza Rukikaire

Public Information Officer with UN Peacekeeping. East Africa is home. Views are my own.

211. (219) Khaled Kabbara

Assistant Liaison Officer @ UNHCR in North Lebanon. Tweet my own - RTs ≠ endorsements @Refugees - @UNHCRLebanon

212. (229) Sangita Khadka

Communications Specialist, UNDP #NewYork.Worked with UN/UNDP in #SouthSudan #Tanzania #Nepal, former Journalist, retweets ≠ endorsements, #UnityInDiversity

214. (178) Andrea Milan

Migration and Rural Development Advisor @FAONewYork. PhD in Governance & Policy Analysis @UNUniversity. @ProgettoRENA volunteer & tennis lover. Views my own.

215. (171) Monjurul KABIR

@UN_Women #He4She, Chief, #Asia-Pacific #LDCs #SouthSouthCooperation, Tweeting 4 Inclusive development. Former @UNDP @UNICRI Tweets are my own. RT≠ endorsement

216. (309) Jairo Acuña-Alfaro

Global Policy Advisor, Governance & Peacebuilding @UNDP New York [my own not endorsements] #governance #development #SDG16

217. (313) Laurent Duvillier

Chief of #Communication @UNICEF, Malaysia. Former #journo. #media #aid #children. All views are mine.

219. (191) Lauren Parater

@UNHCRInnovation comms manager • humanitarian innovation enthusiast • tweets on refugees, storytelling + #scicomm • maybe a little wine • views are my own

221. (223) Pushpam Kumar

Chief of Ecosystem Economics UNEP, working on natural capital and development policy.

222. (177) Juergen Nagler

Development Practitioner @UNDP, Facilitator @UNTNet, #PhD researcher on role of mindsets for human development & #SDGs. Ex @GlobalCompact, private sector, NGOs.

223. (227) Afke Bootsman

Regional Manager for @UNVolunteers in Dakar, Senegal (@UNV_ROWCA). Promoting Volunteerism for Peace and Development in West and Central Africa.

224. (199) Oliver Lacey-Hall

Head of OCHA in Indonesia and Liaison to ASEAN. Ageing humanitarian grappling with newfangled technology and only partially succeeding. Views are my own only.

225. (200) Miguel Luengo-Oroz

Antidisciplinary scientist. Social innovation, zebrafish & rickshaws. Chief data scientist @UNglobalpulse. Inventor @MalariaSpot. Tweets my own.

226. (193) Kerry Albright

Chief- Research Facilitation & Knowledge Management, UNICEF Office of Research

227. (176) Dominique Hyde

Mother, humanitarian, and WHO Director for Strategic Engagement. Health is a human right not a privilege!

228. (198) Dyfan Jones

UNDP Pacific Office Effective Governance Team Leader. Gweithio i'r Cenhedloedd Unedig. All views my own. Retweets not necessarily endorsements.

229. (162) Ph. Douste-Blazy

UN USG in charge of Innovative Financing for Development. Former Chairman of UNITAID.

230. (254) Birgit Van Hout

Regional Representative for Europe, UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR). Tweets in English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

231. (346) Jasmina B Tasevska

Innovation 4 development @UNDP MK, public service innovation, new data and service design, systems thinking, @SkopjeLab Lead [tweets are mine]

232. (221) Eddie Wright

Youth and Population Communications Specialist at UNFPA

233. (212) Maria Jose Ravalli

Dicotómica hasta en el nombre. Persistente hasta el infinito. Me gusta estar aca, leerlos y de a ratitos escribir. Chief of Comms UNICEF/ Prof Mkt Pol Salvador

234. (235) Nicholas Waltham

Communications officer @ #UNFAO Working together for #ZeroHunger | Views are my own.

236. (192) Nicolas Douillet

Heading @UNDPeurasia comms, Passionate about #climatechange, #migration, investigative journalism and illustration. nicolas(dot)douillet(at)undp(dot)org

241. (340) Alpha Diallo

News Producer @ungeneva - Tweeting on @UN #Geneva, Central & West Africa and key African issues.

242. (210) Tom Wambeke

Strategy facilitation, participatory KM and ICT4Development @UN . Passion for complexity adaptive thinking, foresight analysis and futures exploration.

243. (297) Ariadna B.

Social Media at @Refugees. Via @ilo and @UNGeneva. #WithRefugees #SocialUN Find me @arisberris everywhere - I'm from Costa Rica, you should visit.

244. (265) Francesco Checchi

Anti Corruption Adviser @UNODC, tweets on govt effectiveness, anti #corruption, transparency, accountability, open data. Views are mine, retweet not endorsement

245. (241) Ruby Sandhu-Rojon

I'm Deputy Special Representative for the Secretary General @UN_UNOWAS

246. (355) Hannie Meesters

Tweeting about international affairs (UN New York/Bangkok), Sustainable Development, behavioral science and random topics of interest. Usual disclaimers

247. (352) Angela Florez

Passionate for human rights, equality, justice. Currently UNHCR Public Information Associate for Central America

248. (271) Jude Hanan

Digital Lead. Previously Social Media Governance @WorldBank Love all things #digital & #mobile. Occasional Blogger #ICT4D. Tweets = mine, RT ≠ opinion

249. (211) Amelie A

Demographer working on #EDplanning & management at UNESCO-IIEP (@IIEP_UNESCO). T+RTs are personal. Oh, and I like to run.

251. (216) Yukie Mokuo

Working for children in Kyrgyzstan (UNICEF Representative). Official tweets @UNICEFKG

252. (278) Ernst Decsey

Communication Specialist UNICEF #digitalworkplace #intranet #yammer #esn #collaboration #sharepoint #ux #caww #speaker. Views own.

253. (195) Camilla Brückner

I'm Director of UNDP's Nordic Office @UNDP and passionate about human #development.

254. (292) Gayan Peiris

Digital Strategist at United Nations Development Programme

255. (255) Hugh Reilly

Digital comms @UNICEF. #Socialmedia storytelling on humanitarian #emergencies and #childrights. Former journo. Father of two girls. (Norn) Irishman in Brooklyn

256. (333) Nicholas Booth

Regional Advisor - Governance, Conflict Prevention, Access to Justice and Human Rights, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub. quotes and RTs don’t mean endorsement

257. (362) Idhries Ahmad

Communication Officer @UNICEF. RTs are not endorsements and should not attributed to my organisation.

258. (231) Dana Sleiman

Snr Public Information Officer, Spokesperson @Refugees

259. (246) Petra Nahmias

Working at #UNHCR on statistics and #data. All opinions my own...

260. (253) Gert C. Danielsen

Empathy and nonviolence trainer. NGO + UN experience in several regions. Director of @EmpathosP. Opinions are his own. RTs not endorsement.

261. (266) Arturo Romboli

Chief of Strategic Planning and M&E, UNICEF Syria. Tweets are mine. Impossible is nothing! #ForEveryChild

262. (282) Kanni Wignaraja

Leading #UN #Development #Coordination team. Inspired by reforms and change, and the UN delivering together for sustainable development #SDGs @undgdoco

263. (249) Andrej Verity

Team lead of Digital Services @UNOCHA. Tweets are my personal opinion only.

264. (280) Dina El-Kassaby

Spokesperson for @UN World Food Programme (@WFP) in Syria and MENA region. Passionate about Human Rights & Storytelling. All views mine.

265. (414) Julie Ballington

Policy advisor on political participation @UN_Women. Views are my own.

266. (243) Charles Radcliffe

Adviser at @UNHumanRights | founding director at @UN @free_equal #LGBTI equality | @crisigroup alum | dad, dog walker & aspiring gardener

267. (260) Mariana Simoes

@UNDP Regional Technical Specialist, supporting countries in Asia to access finance for climate change adaptation. Views my own. RTs/follows not endorsements.

268. (233) Dan Thomas

Strategic communications and advocacy professional with 20+ years' experience promoting human progress

269. (134) Randi Davis

Director, UNDP Gender Equality Team - passionate about equality, freedom, justice, and rights. Opinions are my own

271. (325) Ifoda

Working on #Leadership Solutions to support the UN delivering together for #SDGs @UN_SDG,@harvard, tweets are my own opinion

272. (268) Lucio Melandri

UNICEF Refugee & Migrant Response Country Coordinator @ UNICEF Greece. Views are my own. RT≠ endorsement

274. (244) Sari Setiogi

Head #SocialMedia, #MediaMonitoring at World Health Organization (@WHO) HQ. On maternity leave until Summer 2018. Mrs @isaacgriberg.

276. (393) 2maty

Working @ECA_official in Ethiopia. Tweeting on Africa, Development and current events. Opinions shared here are my own.

277. (186) Manuel Fontaine

UNICEF Director for emergency operations and former child protection adviser. Interested in humanitarian action, development and human rights.

278. (293) Louise Maule

Working with UNICEF to end #opendefecation, and ensure #Water, #Sanitation & #Hygiene for all. Tweets are my own, RTs not nec endorsement.

279. (240) Charlotte Scaddan

@UN #socialmedia, mum, wife of @Mattenergy, Pilates addict, feminist, supporter of climate action, NY via London & Caracas. #GlobalGoals #withrefugees

280. (234) Bethany D

Supporting the 2030 Agenda, sustainable development, migration, addressing inequalities and the future of our ocean. Own views. RT ≠ endorsements.

281. (287) Moira Dawa

Communication Officer @UNICEFIndia. Passionate about design & photography with a heart for the mountains and beyond. Tweets, RTs my own.

282. (267) Zuzana Zalanova

Leading the UN Volunteers programme in Ukraine to empower people, build partnerships & develop innovative, efficient, & scalable initiatives that promote volunteer engagement for peace & development.

283. (301) Sandra Bisin

Communication, #childrights #forEveryChild @UNICEF_SA. Views are my own.

284. (206) Simona Costanzo Sow

Course Coordinator at the UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development. Following Agenda 2030 and sustainability issues. Passionate about civic engagement. PhD on global migration.

285. (374) Massimiliano Terzini

Digital Media @ #UNFAO, former @Twiplomacy contributor, #DigitalDiplomacy, social, pop culture & basketball stories enthusiast, street food. I'm curious

286. (257) Sanaka Samarasinha

United Nations Resident Coordinator and UN Development Programme/UN Population Fund Resident Representative in the Republic of Belarus. Tweets are my own.

287. (274) Alessandro Mrakic

UNDP programme specialist in local governance and decentralization for the Arab region

289. (421) Laura Hildebrandt

Engaging and activating people to take #SDGs action. @UNSDG Action Campaign. Tweets are my own.

291. (382) Piotr Krosniak

Work in @UNICEF, #DataScience and #GIS specialist. Love #triathlon #dataviz and #opensource tech. Dad of two live in New York.

292. (263) Elisabeth Haslund

Senior Communication Associate & Spokesperson for Denmark, UNHCR, UN Refugee Agency, Northern Europe @UNHCR_NE - English/Danish.

293. (370) Gerrit Beger

Passionate about human rights, development, digital advocacy. Former Global Head Digital Engagement @UNICEF, now Chief Digital FAO. My views. RTs no endorsement

294. (204) BettinaLuescher

OctoAunt.WFP Spokeswoman.Frmr CNN-I Anchor/ Corr/ BueroChief. NationlHeadlinerAward. WDR Anchor+Reprtr. Freelance TV, Radio, Print. Fulbright. MA UWisc. MyViews

295. (291) Fabio Oliva

Peace and Development Advisor @UN / @UNDP. I try to make sense of #Peacebuilding #ConflictPrevention #SocialCohesion. Views my own. RTs ≠ endorsement

296. (256) Catherine N. Makumbi

Communication Specialist @UNICEFUganda. Extremely passionate about what I do! I love and enjoy it!

297. (262) Lei Phyu

@UNDP Communications Officer managing English social media + conflict/ post-crisis & emergency response communications.American.Nyacker. Tweets=personal views.

298. (261) Beate Stålsett

Work with digital communication at IFAD. Tweet about things that make my heart beat.

299. (326) Rica Garde

Chief of Social Policy @UNICEF #Nepal. #Globaldev, #MNCH and #SDGs. Frivolities on spare time. Previously w/ @UNICEFUganda, @savechildrenuk. Views own, RT's not

300. (303) Kanti Kumar

Web Manager @who_europe. Digital strategist. Change leader. Intercultural ambassador. Work to make others' life easier. Content reflects own opinion.

301. (277) Michael O'Neill

UN Assistant Secretary-General, Director of External Relations and Advocacy at the UN Development Programme (UNDP). YNWA

302. (298) Luca Servo

@FAOemergencies web manager. Passionate about #socialmedia, development projects and the world. #DigitalJedi

303. (307) Patrick Haverman

Realistic optimistic idealist, Deputy @ UNDP China, traveller and juggler, tweets are mine

304. (264) Alberto Lizzi

United Nations Development Programme. For people and planet.

305. (335) Ljubica Vujadinovic

Journalist-turned-Social Media Strategist. Currently @WFP_MENA. Passionate & compassionate. @Erasmus_Mundus & @FTN_NS alumna. Views are mine.

306. (399) Miriam Lwanga

Communication for Development Specialist UNICEF Uganda

307. (320) Guy Taylor

Communications Specialist at @UNICEF. Deputy lead for #EveryChildAlive campaign. Former Beijinger with @UNAIDS中国. RT≠endorse

309. (300) SixContinentChick

I help good ideas become reality; lead innovation scaleup @UNICEF. Personal tweets on innovation, empowerment, travel & expat life. FAQ: have been to Antarctica

310. (286) Abhijit Shanker

#Chief of Communication w/ @UNICEF. Founder of @UNICEF's Global #Internal #Communication. Passionate about #childrights. Views are mine.

311. (305) Mohammadreza Sepehrnoush

ICT/Web/SocialMedia @ UN Iran. The UN’s work in Iran focuses primarily on development work & humanitarian assistance.

312. (310) Saket Mani

@UN_Women #Planet5050 & #HeForShe Champion | #Global Advocate #UN @WorldWeWant2030 | #1M1B Founding Member | #SDGs #YouthLeadSDGs #Climate | #Foodie #WanderLust

313. (250) Sahba Sobhani

Private Sector Advisor @UNDP on #inclusivebusiness #sustainability #CSR #womeninbusiness #financialinclusion for #GlobalGoals

314. (196) Auke Lootsma

Country Director of @UNDPYemen supporting efforts to achieve peace, security and Sustainable Development Goals.

315. (281) David Saunders

#Data #advocate for #equality, #inclusion. @UN_Women @UNWomenBiH

316. (312) Steven Siqueira

Interested in change, revolution, reconciliation and what constitutes modernity.

317. (318) Jozef Maerien

Regional Advisor for Resource Mobilization and Partnerships (Latin America and the Caribbean)

318. (308) Robert Kirkpatrick

technosocial innovator | data science, disaster tech, privacy | Not all those who wander are lost. -J.R.R.Tolkien | @unglobalpulse | tweets are my own views

319. (283) Najwa Mekki

Head of @UNICEFMedia. Tunisian in NY. Views are mine. RTs are not endorsements.

320. (224) Patrick Van Weerelt

Head of Office, UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development. Tweeting in personal capacity. Retweets not endorsement!

321. (311) Kav Sidhu

#SocialMedia @UNICEF. Hot-drink fiend & one-time short #film-maker. Feel free to follow me but I have no idea where I'm going. Views my own. #ENDviolence

322. (188) Ara Yoo

Head of Emergencies @UNICEF_uk. Islander who loves travelling and barefoot philosophy. All tweets are mine.

325. (248) Stefanie Carmichael

Comms @ #UNICEF. Ex @UNPeacekeeping @UNMEER. Worked in DRC, Rwanda, Libya, Liberia, Guinea, Ghana, Thailand, NYC

327. (317) Deborah Nguyen

in Ukraine with the World Food Programme. Passionate about photography and desserts.

328. (304) EMAGINE.IT.ALL

digital comms, innovation & social justice @UN @UN_CITO: making the world a better place for my daughter & every child; tweets are my own #womenintech #previvor

329. (373) Clare Doyle

UN speechwriter; #UKinUS; all views are personal.

330. (334) Anacurrea

Communications, Knowledge @UNDP @theGEF. ex @ColumbiaSIPA Passionate about inclusive sustainable development. Mom of 2. Proud Colombian

332. (436) Victoria Knight

#SocialMedia tricks, campaigns and the shifting relationship between people + brands. Heading social @ITU

334. (316) Owen Shumba

Team Leader, Livelihoods & Economic Recovery Group, UNDP NY. Work on Jobs & Livelihoods, Econ. Recovery, Migration/Displacement & Mine Action. Opinions Are Mine

335. (482) Jodi Nooyen

Trainer of English & communication skills at the United Nations....who loves technology, gardening, travelling, languages and being a Girl Scout leader & Mom.

336. (344) Sameera Savarala

@UNDP Global #ClimateChange Policy, #ParisAgreement @YaleFES alumna. Views my own

338. (230) Katy Thompson

Governance & Peace Building, Conflict Prevention Team Leader, UNDP NY. tweets are my very own.

339. (322) Florence Bauer

Representante do @UNICEFBrasil Comprometida com os direitos das crianças e dos adolescentes em todo o mundo.

340. (319) Shanelle Hall

fan of humankindness, africa, democratisation of society, planetearth & ppl havin whattheyneed

341. (331) Karoline Hassfurter

Communications & Data @UNICEF. Interested in the intersection of communications, design, analysis, and policy. All views are mine.

342. (284) Abeer Etefa

#MiddleEast Senior Spokeswoman with the #UN World Food Programme (WFP). Views are my own. RT do not imply endorsements

343. (401) Robert Swinkels

Working @UNVolunteers as Programme Analyst - Volunteer Advisory Services for Arab States, Europe and CIS. Tweets are personal. RT ≠ endorsements

344. (338) Sandrine Flavier

Communication and digital strategy @UNICEF - Views my own/RT not endorsements

345. (377) Antje Watermann

World traveler, news junkie & explorer of the American Way Of Life in #NYC. @UN comms, fmr @UNDP #Asiapacific & #GlobalGoals & @Reuters product manager.

346. (270) Marcos Mendez

Social Media Manager, Digital Communications and Online Presence for UN Volunteers. Former movie critic. Inspired by little things. Tweets are my own.

347. (348) George Muammar

Humanitarian. Beekeeper. @WFP Business Transformation Off. #Egypt #Palestine #FoodSecurity #GIS #mobile #Environment #ICT4D #DigitalTransformation Tweets my own

348. (446) Antonio Franco

Working on Social Policy @UNICEF Nepal. Passionate about fighting #poverty and #inequality #foreverychild I @LSE_ID #socialprotection #innovation #emergencies

349. (288) Justin Smith

Senior Web Editor @ILO by day, front-end web developer usually also by day. #ForzaRoma

350. (378) Sophie Treinen

IKM Officer @#UNFAO, knowledge sharing, facilitator, social media, capacity development, food security, good practices, e-agriculture #KM4Dev #ict4d #cap_exp

351. (366) Shobhna Decloitre

#Development professional at @UNDP_Myanmar specializing in #Communications, #KM, and #women's empowerment. Mum to a #French-#Fijian boy.

352. (314) Nazila Vali

Social Justice | Women’s Empowerement | United Nations | SOAS Alumna | Irano-Italo-Swiss | Federer fan | Views my own & other boring caveats

353. (269) Julien Harneis

Coordonnateur Humanitaire Adjoint, République Démocratique du Congo

354. (289) Zoie Jones

Aussie in Rome. Passionate about sharing stories, the power of social & ending hunger. Now #UNFAO, ex WFP, ABC, JJJ.

355. (290) James Elder

UNICEF Regional Chief of Comms East & Sthn Africa. Tweets = my own opinion, particularly on sport. Worked in Zim, Darfur, Angola, SLanka, Libya, oh and florence

357. (358) Martin Penner

UN World Food Programme (@wfp) in Turkey. Syrian refugees, world hunger, digital comms

358. (294) Dan McNorton

Senior Communications Adviser and Spokesperson. Currently Head of Communications @UNHCRPakistan - the UN Refugee Agency.

359. (350) Marija Novkovic

Social policy, M&E and #innovation at @UNICEFmne. Formerly an #opengov afficionado neck deep in social innovation w @UNDP_Montenegro. @cheveningfco alumna

360. (347) Alexander Kasterine

Agricultural and natural resource economist. Senior Advisor (T4SD) @itcnews @itc_sustainable Interested in how markets work for environment & development

361. (483) Mikiko Tanaka

I'm UN Resident Coordinator @UNGuyana and passionate about #Sustainable Development.

362. (339) Dale Rutstein

Communication Chief, global children's research centre. My tweets & RTs do not represent my employer's views.

364. (315) Isabel Crowley

Trabajé en UNICEF durante más de 30 años. Ex Representante en Liberia y México. Comprometida con #derechoshumanos #derechosdelaniñez #ONG

365. (524) Alex Allouin

Chief Information Management Division @UNAIDS. Passionate about innovation, data and technology... especially when applied to HIV/AIDS. My views are personal.

366. (306) Elina Silen

Working for @UN_Nigeria on coordination♥ stories from the field and innovative development solutions. Tweets are my own.

367. (375) Matthias Z. Naab

#UN Resident Coordinator and @UNDP Representative in Comoros. Je pense, donc je suis-Descartes. Tweets reflect my own views; RTs no endorsement!

368. (369) Steve Katz

Senior Corordinatior of Statistics Governance at FAO (United Nations). Have a particular interest in Leadership and Organizational Culture, as well as KM.

370. (464) Maria Nuutinen

Climate-smart agriculture & environment. The thoughts are my own.

371. (428) Niamh Collier-Smith

Working with UNDP in Bhutan towards empowered lives, resilient nations. All views my own; RT ≠ endorsement

372. (514) Pascale Bonzom

Programme Specialist at UNDP Regional Center for Africa. 17 years advisory and project management experience in Private Sector and Development. Tweets my own.

373. (380) Jose Dallo

Head of @UNEP Southern Cone Office passionate about #people and #planet @UN | Retweets do not = endorsement & views r my own

374. (363) Beatrice Frey

Social Media Team leader @UN_Women. Also coordinating the organization's sports portfolio. Tweets are my own.

375. (356) Andrea Rossi

Leading Social Policy & Research @UNICEF_Moz Economics, Data, Hidden and Marginal population. Former Director @Harvard Measurement & Human Rights @CarrCenter

376. (359) Koh Miyaoi

Gender equality is a prerequisite for sustainable green growth in Asia & the Pacific.

377. (415) Peter Serenyi

#Globaldev communications and knowledge management specialist, part of a #knowledge and #innovation team @undgdoco. Views my own.

378. (389) Eric Mullerbeck

Knowledge management, complexity in human systems. UNICEF. Tweets are my views only. Retweets do not imply agreement. Festina lente.

380. (383) Mark Connolly

I work at UNICEF. Tweets and posts are not those of UNICEF. Retweets are not necessarily endorsements.

381. (351) Mario Lubetkin

Uruguayan journalist and academic. Directeur de Cabinet @ #UNFAO

382. (251) Paolo Mefalopulos

Works in International Development, lived and worked in Italy, Greece, UK, USA, Jordan, Guatemala, Zimbabwe, Colombia, India, and currently in Uruguay.

383. (408) Alexandra Spinelli

Social Media Specialist @ FAO. Passionate about development, food security, protecting our planet & digital. Views are my own.

386. (402) Karen Newman

Senior Consultant for SDG Fund located within UNDP focused on new development agenda.