7 top tips for UN’ers starting out with social media

Many members of the UN Social 500 would like to optimise their score. Follow my top tips to increase your score below:

  1. Connect all your social media profiles on Klout.  This will maximise your ability to score highly as Klout will take into account your influence and engagement on channels other than just Twitter such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
  2. Choose a niche audience. Influence is greater when it’s concentrated. You can’t boil the ocean. By focusing on a specific niche audience you are more likely to get engagement, all important in improving your online influence.
  3. Be consistent. A social media channel is just like any other media channel – you need to be consistent – no-one wants to tune into a radio that isn’t broadcasting when they expect it to.
  4. Be engaging. Engaging content means making it relevant to your audience and encouraging two way communication.
  5. Build a reliable reach. Building an audience takes time. Look out for the most engaged people and start asking how can I encourage more people like them to follow / subscribe?
  6. Cross promote. Cross promotion is where you guest post on someone else’s channel. It’s a great way to encourage people to follow your channel too. If you are using twitter then FF (follow friday) is a great way to encourage other people’s followers to follow you too.
  7. Monetise. If you’re got a consistent, engaging channel that reaches a reliable audience now is the time to worry about monetisation (whether it’s finding advocates for your new campaign, or looking for donations or simply people to read your new ebook). Monetisation is a great way for you to see the ROI of what you are doing, it also allows you most passionate supporters to show their support in a way that matters to you.

That’s my 7 tips. Would you like to share one of yours? We’re always looking for Guest Posts here on Improve your Score. Just get in touch.

Toby Beresford

Toby is the founder of the UN Social 500 and the founder of Rise.global success tracking network on which the UN Social 500 is built. He lives in Haslemere, UK.

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