Score Algorithm returns to 100% Klout

After a score algorithm experiment last month we’ve returned to 100% Klout score. That returns the UN Social 500 to its normal form!

We  welcome new players Kimo Goree (23rd), Amy Lamoin (66th), and Carlo Angeles (160th). to the top 200 of the UN Social 500 board.

Well done to this week’s top three Helen Clark, Melissa Fleming, and Brendan McDonald.


Our average follower count is  1,877 and in total we have 1.3m followers (calculated by adding all our follower counts together).

I wonder, can we focus on growing Twitter Followers this month?

One way for you to focus on growth this month is to join the Twitter Followers Club on Rise. This is a weekly Rise board that  tracks your weekly percentage increase in twitter followers for you and provides comparative feedback.

Have a great October!


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Toby Beresford

Toby is the founder of the UN Social 500 and the founder of success tracking network on which the UN Social 500 is built. He lives in Haslemere, UK.

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