#sharingthesuccess. Engaging and interacting through social media – an interview with Puleng Letsie, Mobilization and Networking Advisor @UNAIDS

This month, we are sharing the success story of Puleng Letsie,Mobilization and Networking Advisor at UNAIDS. @UNAIDS.

Congratulations Puleng, your Klout score has risen 3 months in a row !

1.Who are you, who is your audience and what social media channels do you focus on?

– I am a mobilisation and networking advisor, human rights and gender activist, working on HIV/AIDS, gender and human rights issues In Lesotho. I am employed by UNAIDS in Lesotho and working with other UN agencies, government, civil society and other partners.

As part of my work with UNAIDS and as a member of the UN Joint Team on AIDS as well as the Gender, Human Rights & Youth (GHRY) technical team in Lesotho, I lead, participate and manage several initiatives focusing on women, girls, gender and human rights issues. I forge and maintain strategic partnerships on women leadership issues, girls’ empowerment initiatives and anti-stigma and trafficking campaigns. I work with civil society organisations, especially women’s groups and community-based organisations focusing on women living with HIV. I also participate in national planning, development and resource mobilization initiatives.

The desire and commitment to make a difference in people’s lives keep me going every morning! I am motivated by results like seeing that special smile on an empowered citizen’s face who stands for her rights and knows exactly what works for her.

I am mainly on Facebook, Twitter and Yammer

2.What themes and content do you cover?

I basically cover HIV and AIDS, Gender, Human Rights and Youth issues. I have a special interest in women and gender issues though I am involved in the development, design, implementation and support of HIV and AIDS, gender, human rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) programmes in Lesotho. I work with government, civil society, regional and international donors; and I have more than 8 years in the UN system. I have led and supported regional HIV-related programmes and participated in fundraising and resource mobilisation efforts in partnership with the private and public sector.

3.Have you changed your approach recently? What’s really working well for you now?

Yes, I have expanded my networks especially during trainings, meetings, workshops and other events that I attend. I have continuously shared and updated my profile, increased my Twitter updates and presence; and participated more in online debates, discussions and advocacy forums.

I have realised that the more I engage, participate and share updates, the more I interact with more people on various and more diverse issues beyond my regular updates. With my network growing, I am now learning more and interacting more with other social media colleagues, civil society organisations, UN leaders and staff.  I am now more aware of other aspects from corporate reports and discussions.

4.What impact have you seen from your social media presence?

I am more visible now, even beyond my country (Lesotho) as I have received invitations and acknowledgement from people not necessarily within my field of work or even geographical location. I also feel more empowered as I am able to share information and insights because of my interaction and updates using various social media platforms; hence I am now motivated to do more, share more and learn from the feedback.

It is through my social media presence that I decided to do more social responsibility activities even in my spare time. I am passionate about humanitarian work, which prompted me to form an online (Facebook) group called Concerned Basotho Women, which empowers women, advocates against gender-based violence and responds to emergencies and natural disasters in the country. I continue to strongly advocate for women’s rights, HIV & AIDS and Human Rights issues.

Thank you very much for this opportunity….

Raya Alchukr

Worked for the UN for over 13 years. Passionate about youth empowerment, humanitarian work, education, child protection, women and gender issues.

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