#SharingTheSuccess let’s talk #Sustainability #Peace #Innovation #Knowledge #Philanthropy #GreenEconomy with Mr. Iyad Abumoghli-Regional Representative West-Asia @UNEP

This month, we have the pleasure to share the success story of Iyad Abumoghli, Regional Representative UN Environment  – West Asia @UNEP @UNEP_ROWA

Congratulations Iyad, your Klout score has risen 3 months in a row !!

1.Who are you, who is your audience and what social media channels do you focus on?

I am the Regional Representative of UN Environment and Director of the Regional Office for West Asia. I have been working with the UN for the past 21 years in different positions and locations including New York, Cairo, Beirut and Amman. Before my current position, I was the head of the Knowledge and Innovation for the Arab States region with UNDP.
I believe I have an audience spread over all the continents with 50% in the Arab states and the other covering the U.S. and other countries. They are mainly youth interested in Environmental issues and philanthropy.

I mainly use Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. But I also use other social media like Pinterest, YouTube and Swarm.

2.What themes and content do you cover?

For the most part, I share news and articles on the Environment, Climate Change and Conservation. But indeed, I also share quotes related to life and good ethics and innovation. Certainly, I promote the work of the UN through its different organizations.

3.Have you changed your approach recently? What’s really working well for you now?

Yes indeed, over the past few months I have decided to schedule my contributions. Previously I used to set in one go and share everything for that day, but this will only be seen by people who are online at that time. So using a scheduling App, I schedule what I share to reach my audience at different times, focusing on times when most of my audience are online.
In addition, interaction with the audience is key to keep them engaged. I retweet for others, share important UN happenings and acknowledge people who mention me or follow me. I also plan my tweets if in I know that I will be busy in the next few days, so I schedule them in advance to keep my presence on social media.
Moreover, sharing information in the language of the region is essential. What is also essential is to share not only news, but personal reflections for people to see the personal side of you.
Sometimes, I lead campaigns with our goodwill ambassador engaging hundreds of thousands of people on key environmental days.

4.What impact have you seen from your social media presence?

Followers have started acknowledging the areas I am most involved with, especially environmental issues. They started sharing with me and mentioning me in their tweets. I have also noticed that many local and city-based organizations that I never knew about actually exist and do great work. A lot of young people in schools informed me that they have started their campaigns on environmental issues and were inspired by the things I share. I was invited to address a group of them in Dubai, which I have delightfully done.

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Worked for the UN for over 13 years. Passionate about youth empowerment, humanitarian work, education, child protection, women and gender issues.

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