The Pros and Cons of Investing Effort in Lesser-known Social Media Channels

This month I was asked to write about if, as social media strategists, we should invest in creating and curating content for less known social media networks – the ones with less than 200 million users.


My gut answer to the question was it depends. If you have an audience on these networks, then yes, indeed you should be creating and curating content. In doing so, however, you know upfront that you will not end up having exponential growth.


This consideration is also true for some mainstream social media channels such as Twitter. We’ve all noticed that Twitter’s growth in terms of attracting new followers has plateaued.


Then I thought to myself, maybe it is really worth spending a bit more time and effort on the less mainstreamed social media channels. The reason for this being that unlike their mainstreamed brothers and sisters they offer more space for innovation and creativity.


The other advantage of engaging on the less mainstreamed platforms is that there is a higher chance for one’s content to be heard, shared and acted on and a higher chance that it would not get lost in the cacophony of millions of conversations.


Let’s say you are proactively engaging on Quora. For one thing, you will both learn and have the ability to share in a more structured manner. If you fully engage and provide meaningful and relevant answer to questions, you will end up making a name for yourself.


You also need to bear in mind that the folks on these less mainstreamed channels are also on the super mainstreamed ones… This means if the content you share resonates with them, they will inevitability share this on the more mainstreamed channels.


Which in turn results in your investment and engagements on the lesser mainstreamed channels not being in vain.


So, the long of the short is – by all means – do not shy away from engaging on the lesser known and used platforms. Or at least give it a shot and see how it goes. If it ends up being a total waste of time, you can elegantly withdraw. If on the other hand, it ends up being a launching pad for becoming an influencer on the mainstreamed channels, you would have hit the jackpot!!!!


Whatever you do, please do share your experience with the UN 500 social community.


Good luck.

Roxanna Samii

Chief Digital Strategy at UN Environment

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