Call to Support the UN Environment #BeatPollution Campaign

Did you know that pollution kills more than 1.7 million young children every year?That means that pollution accounts for one in four deaths of all children under five. Or that our oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050 unless we take action now? 

We’re willing to bet that answer is probably no! That’s why we’re happy to be supporting #BeatPollution, a campaign run by UN Environment to get people to tell their stories about how pollution has changed their lives and to understand more about the effect pollution is having one all of our lives.

UN Environment has put together a bank of information about the consequences of pollutions. The campaign has called on photographers from around the world to submit shots using the hashtag #TellYourPollutionStory, and it has already gathered more than three thousands posts on its dedicated webpage.

Please join UN Environment in working to #BeatPollution by visiting their site and by signing the pledge to make changes in your life that contribute to a cleaner world.