Say Hello to Our New Scoring Algorithm!

The UN Social 500 moves to a new scoring algorithm!


The UN Social 500 used Klout’s algorithm for several years to rank Players on the Leaderboard. In May of 2018, Klout announced that they were closing their doors. Although we will miss Klout and the fun benchmark that they provided, we are super duper excited to say that the UN Social 500 has successfully created its own scoring algorithm!

What this means for you:

Although the number of followers that you have is still important, the interaction that you have with your audience and how they engage with your content has increased in value. Factors such as retweets, mentions, and likes contribute even more positively to your ranking!

As we will continue to refine our score to support the communication efforts of the UN around evolving technologies, we invite UN staffers to give feedback and/or reserve a spot to participate in an upcoming Leadership Council e-meeting.

Congratulations to all of the new faces on the Leaderboard! Good luck with your rankings and thanks for continuing to be a valued member of the UN Social 500 community!