UN Social 500 Player Successes

Photo Credit: Robert Curran

The UN Social 500 came about as a way to connect the public with the work of the United Nations. This is important because an informed public can make decisions to nurture and protect lives and livelihoods on earth.

We are most proud to say that because of the dedication of its volunteer staff, the Leadership Council, the Players who donate their time to share the work of the UN, and the rise.global software, the UN Social 500 has racked up some impressive accomplishments. Please allow us a moment to highlight a few:

The UN Social 500 Numbers and Updates

  • This small, pilot group of 594 players has 3.2 million followers, which is almost one third the size of the United Nations account. In Twitter lingo, if you were to run a Followers campaign to purchase followers it would run between $2.50 to $3.50 per follower, or between $8 million and $11 million.
  • This small group of Players had a whopping 96,725 retweets in March 2019.
  • Our volunteer-run twitter handle received a quarter of a million impressions in the past year, with most of those impressions since October with the addition of our Social Media Liaison.
  • For the past year, a newsletter is emailed out and its average open rate is 76%. That’s compared to 17% for all industries and 20% for the nonprofit sector. This means that players are showing great interest in their scores and those of their teammates.
  • We have a wonderful, new Social Diplomat blog section.
  • We are seeing participation from Players from multiple agencies and levels at the United Nations.

In Their Own Words

The best way to sum up the UN Social 500 is by quoting UN Players:

  • Marta Santos Pais, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General said, “This is an excellent initiative that really encourages UN staff members to use their social media platforms.”
  • Melissa Fleming, Head of Global Communications and Spokesperson for the High Commissioner, UNHCR, said, “the UN Social 500 is a great tool to see which UN staff members are actively engaged and how we measure up against each other. “
  • Kent Page, UNICEF Strategic Communication Advisor said, “The UN Social 500 really is appreciated, watched and followed by the top UN leaders.”

And when we asked Excellency Amina Mohammed, “Do you believe that there should be an employee advocacy program at the UN?” She replied, “Absolutely. I think we don’t get enough induction. I think that what we need to do is to get back to holding hands and, as a family, lift that message [of the United Nations] wherever we find ourselves.”

So, Thank You!

To ALL Players who contribute to the success of the UN Social 500 in sharing the message of the United Nations with the public, thank you. And thank you to our behind-the-scenes champions Kealan Finnegan, our UN News Blogger who is responsible for the Digital News Recap; Daeyoung Kim, our Digital Analyst; Emily Robinson, our Lead Interviewer; Roxanna (Roxy) Samii, our Social Media Coach; Olin Thakur our Community Moderator; and Tarah Van De Wiele our Social Media Liaison and creator of the Social Diplomat.

Additionally, thank you to our Leadership Council members Mohammed Omer Almoghayer, PhD, UNDP [Deputy Chair]; Jan Kellett, Special Advisor, Engagement, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction, UNDP; Toily Kurbanov, Deputy Executive Coordinator of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV); Gisella Lomax, Head Social Media at UNHCR [Secretary]; and Roxanna Samii, Chief Digital Strategy at UN Environment.


Simone Dominique
Interim Chief Executive Officer

Toby Beresford
Chief Technology Officer

Nick Shah
Chief Commercial Officer