The UN Social 500 is a success tracking program that recognises current UN staff and contractors who are promoting the work of the United Nations via their personal social media accounts, so helping to connect the work of the UN with the general public.


2015: The UN Social 500 came about from an Influx Trust hackathon in early 2015, seeking digital solutions to connect the work of the UN with the general public. Toby Beresford, founder of Rise.global – a success tracking network, put together the original UN Social 500 as a way to recognise social media excellence and provide a personal analytics dashboard to each staff member.

2016: after a successful first year, it received initial sponsorship from the Influx Trust. A fantastic digital volunteer team emerged, a mix of current and previous UN staff, who now support, encourage and grow the community.

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Toby Beresford

Toby is the founder of the UN Social 500 and the founder of Rise.global success tracking network on which the UN Social 500 is built. He lives in Haslemere, UK.

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