UN Social 500 Reviews

In the words of social media champions at the United Nations:

“First of all, congratulations on putting the UN Social 500 together, and the fact that the rankings are based on independent Klout scores and ratings is excellent. The UN Social 500 is a great initiative that helps connect all of us from across the entire UN system. It’s an effective way to put faces to names and to learn about and understand the diversity of the work that we all do as UN staff. I’ve learned a lot by following other colleagues from different UN organizations, many of whom I became aware of through the UN Social 500. I am constantly inspired by our UN colleagues, impressed by the work of our different UN organizations, and intrigued by the complexity and interconnectedness of all of our work across the UN. The UN Social 500 really helps bring us together, fosters better understanding across our organizations and as a result, strengthens our individual and collective work to have a positive impact on the world.” Kent Page, Senior Communication Advisor – Division of Communication, UNICEF

“The UN Social 500 is a platform we flag to colleagues to incentivize them to be more active on social. Some of the most incredible and inspiring people I’ve met are my UNHCR friends – the people who’ve dedicated their lives to serving refugees. If more of my colleagues were motivated to share their stories on social, our job to show the human side and impact of UNHCR would be so much easier. I think the UN 500 can play an important role in that.” Kathryn Mahoney, UNHCR

The UN Social 500 is a great tool to see which UN staff members are actively engaged and how we measure up against each other.Melissa Fleming, Head of Global Communications and Spokesperson for the High Commissioner, UNHCR said,

This is an excellent initiative that really encourages UN staff members to use their social media platforms.Marta Santos Pais, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General.