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Can you support the work of the UN Social 500? Do you resonate with our mission to engage the world in the work of the UN by amplifying the voices of individual UN staff?

If so then you could be our next sponsor. We are looking for sponsor organisations either from within the UN system itself or from external organisations looking to support the work of the UN.

Sponsorship is an opportunity to bring awareness of your brand to the most active influencers working at the UN whilst supporting their own personal development and the mission of the United Nations.

Please get in touch via email for more details of how you can sponsor our work. Don’t forget that since UN Social 500 is run by volunteers, sponsorship is affordable and cost effective.

Current Supporters:

  • – success tracking network
  • The UN Social 500 volunteer team!

Previous Supporters:

  • Influx Trust (from January 2016 until March 2017)

Toby Beresford

Toby is the founder of the UN Social 500 and the founder of success tracking network on which the UN Social 500 is built. He lives in Haslemere, UK.

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